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Friday, December 24, 2010

Rural Life with Family

Enjoying Rural life with my Grandma, sister, her husband, their 5 kids, my mom and dad, and briefly my aunt and cousin.

While we were at my Grandma's camp house, me and the kids made a short movie.

 Aren't they cute

This deer is  in my grandmas house.
I think my gramdpa shot it years ago. Its been hanging there for as long as I remember.

This is a strage natural occurring phenomenon called cypress kness.

There is lots of farms here. Corn, Soy, and Cotton.
Its winter and nothing is growing.

This is the view from my Grandma's camp house.
My mom used to swim here. Now no one does, but people do fish.
My mom always warms me about  water moccasins.

This is my grandma's back yard. It used to have a swing set in it and a giant tire that me and my cousins used to play in. There was also tons of bambo on the side of the house and alot more trees.

This is a pond behind my Grandma's house. It used to seem SOOOO far away. Now I realize its no more the maybe 150 yards.  There are many swans, ducks, and geese.

 Way to switch up Gender Roles.
Look at my nephew with the crochet needle.

The Clown

The Gambler

The  Hustler

This place is rummored to have the best soft serve ice cream in the world.

On the news I heard about  the UConn women's basketball team setting an NCAA record with 89 consecutive wins. I don't even like sports but I think its awesome these ladies are taking it to the max with their athletic talents.  With dedication like this,  women in sports will no doubt be taken more seriously. 

Mom and Dad
I did on this trip get to meet one of my mom's ex boyfriends. I won't mention names.
He is a mayor of a nearby town. He is also the Police Chief, and he also showed up driving with a styrofoam cup of some kind of alcoholic cocktail.
Guess when you are the boss, you can do what you want.

It was a lovely trip.

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