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I rap in SCREAM CLUB, My art gallery is THE FAB LAB,, I write for BEND OVER MAGAZINE as well as HUGS AND KISSES , I DJ all over, I organize different partys (SOAP, CLUB OK, CLUB AWESOME, CLUB ROMANCE, SUNDAY ARTICUE). When I am not doing that stuff I like to go out, see what my talented and creative friends are up to.

So this blog is everything related to Me. Dj gigs, Scream Club shows. Crunks Not Dead stuff. Action at THE FAB LAB. Parties I go to, and whatever other interesting things inspire me. A slice of my life. A basic over view. I hope you will find it informative and entertaining.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Catching Up

Now that I have a moment, as I am chilling at Aleesa Cohene's house, while her and Sarah Adorable map out the details for the Sunday Brunch at THE FAB LAB, I thought I would use this time to let you all know what I have been up to....

Earlier tonight was the MARY OCHER show at THE FAB LAB.

Good Times! Mary was hauntingly entertaining. So humble unassuming, and yet intense.
Check her out

The night before that (Dec Wed 9th ), me and Sarah djed the POPULAR MUSIK party at Schwuz.
It was fun. Its always fun at Schwuz. The staff is always so friendly , the crowd at the parties are always diverse and ready to dance.

This is Phillip and Jessica cheering for "Gloria".

At the Popular Musik party, there is always dancing in the smoking room, and always something different in the middle room, for this event Sarah Adorable organized a flo markt. Below are pictures from the participants. Anto and Casio Ono with their one of a kind accesories , Anton and Katja with Whips and Flirt boxes, LadyJane with her Feminist Outlaws shirts and patches, and me and Sarah with our Scream Club and Crunks Not Dead cds, t shirts, bags, tooth brushes, combs, etc.....
It was fun. We even made 37 euros, whoo hoo.

Nicky Click played live. Here are some Pics.

For a while I djed to no one....

Then I djed for these people, around 4 am i got into my zone...

this is how the night ended

On Sat Dec 4th I djed and hosted the BEND OVER magazine release party at LUX.

That was a super fun night Metzgerei throws some of the best partys I have ever been too. She is one of the smoothest djs around, always paying attention to the details. This party was celebrating issue number 5 of BEND OVER MAGAZINE.
I interview J.D. Sampson (MEN, Le Tigre), there are hot photos by Goodyn Green, contributions from Sadie Lune and Mad Kate, Courtney Trouble and lots of other great stuff. If you don't have one yet order it here.

And last but not least, starting it off this month, I began with the ANTON BLUME art opening at THE FAB LAB on Fri Dec 3rd. She was exhibiting all her unique hand crafted whips.
There was stories read in french, english and german, and even a type writer for inspired visitors to write their own stories about the whips.

It will be hanging untill Dec 13 .
If you want to see pictures from the opening party, please visit

Ok, now thats as far back as I am gonna go.

I gotta go to sleep and prepare for the NICKY CLICK and ATHENS BOYS CHOIR show here at THE FAB LAB tomorrow. (thats Harvy Katz aka Athens Boys Choir below)

I hope to see you tomorrow.

Till then sweet dreams.

xo cindy

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