American Rapper, DJ, Art Gallery Owner, Party Organizer, Writer, and Record Label owner now living in Berlin.

I rap in SCREAM CLUB, My art gallery is THE FAB LAB,, I write for BEND OVER MAGAZINE as well as HUGS AND KISSES , I DJ all over, I organize different partys (SOAP, CLUB OK, CLUB AWESOME, CLUB ROMANCE, SUNDAY ARTICUE). When I am not doing that stuff I like to go out, see what my talented and creative friends are up to.

So this blog is everything related to Me. Dj gigs, Scream Club shows. Crunks Not Dead stuff. Action at THE FAB LAB. Parties I go to, and whatever other interesting things inspire me. A slice of my life. A basic over view. I hope you will find it informative and entertaining.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Going so far as to go so far.....

Hey Pals,
I have been experimenting with found footage. I have made not one, but two new Scream Club videos this week, and here I am to share.

This one is
ON THE FLOOR - it is from the upcoming SCREAM CLUB and ELECTROSEXUAL cd coming soon called SCREAMING and CRYING. This song features guest appearances by JENNA RIOT(s.f.)  and CJ and THE DOLLS (pdx).

You are never too young to be fabulous.

This one is an oldie but a goodie, originally recorded in 2003 I think. Maybe even 2002.
It is "IF YOU WANT IT" remixed by Ben Adorable, guest starring Beth Ditto. Yes Beth Ditto from the Gossip. I too am amazed that she was ever on one of our songs. But she is, here it is. For your eyes only, private, tell no one......

Other then that, I have been working with Sarah and Romain on SCREAMING and CRYING all month in The Fab Lab. Its coming along. We didn't finish as we hoped, but we have come along way, its been a process, sometimes stressful, sometimes slow, but in the end, definitly rewarding, and I am totally stoked on our new mixes of "The Final Song", "Exciting New World Of Love", and "I Could Scream". Plus all the songs we are inches from completing. We are looking for new managment, booking agent, and record label, so if you are reading this and you are one of the above mention, write us at

Though most of the month was dedicated to finsihing the album we did find time to squeeze in a couple shows.

The first one was in Zurich. It was for MOTEL NIRWANA the 6th annual Dada Art Festival organized by the D.I.V.O. Institute. I have to tell you I LOVED it. I LOVED hanging out in a giant installation all week. It was a magical wonderland that I was sad to say goodbye too. Thank God for photos. And thank god the DIVO institute lives on to create spaces all over the world, and has thier very own fantasy world in the Czech Republic, check it out here.

Anyways , the story in pictures......
So heres how we started. Glad we brought our own whiskey, because let me tell you prices in Zurich are OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!

This is a picture from inside the Love Tent.
There were tons of books, projections rugs, it was cozy and had the best view of the concert.

Here is the first concert we saw.

Same guy.

This is the entrance to the place.

Here is us by the Festival Poster.

More scenes from inside the festival.

The photos really don't capture it but take my word it was totally amazing.
 While we were there we participated in a
needle point workshop. We thought maybe we could make a cover for the upcoming Scream Club and Electrosexual  / Kumbia Queers
split 7".

We didn't finish.... so we are still looking for art, are you the one??? hollar at us.....

Me by some more art!

more and more and more art

god it was fun to hang out inside this space.

If ever I am rich and famous, I am going to hire these guys to be my interior decorators

Here is Romi and Sarah catching up on some valuable reading inside the love tent.

When we weren't watching music, or reading in the love tent, there were also movies playing.

Here is an example of the outrageous prices in Zurich. A pizza like that in Berlin would no shit cost 2 euros. 5 max.

this was from the menu of the place we ate at.

I was super happy with the food.
 Look at it....

this was a brother sister violen duo from the Czech Republic. They were amazing. They stayed in the same apartment as us.

This is the crowd, I took this on stage while we were performing.
 This is me with a gun that shoots tampons.

Fun Times Backstage!!!
 Fun times at the afterparty.
This was at a squat called Binz.
This was a huge hot tub, or more like a heated pool outside on the roof , amazing!!!

More shananagans after the show!
After Zurich we headed of to Nornburg to play a show for EVE MASSACRE and the other lovelies of Bavaraia.  Unfortunatly no Pictures from the show, but here are some posters and scenes from the amazing flat we stayed at.
 I will never be able to see another telephone again and not think of Nicky Click.

Monday, February 14, 2011

What I have been doing......

So all of you that follow me on Facebook know that I have been working this month in THE FAB LAB with Sarah Adorable and Electrosexual to finish our collaboration album SCREAMING and CRYING.
I have been putting up video updates, and you can see them here. 

We have had many visitors including  Julia Ostertag, Sigrid Elliot, Dave (Your Only Massive), K, Liesy Linto, all kinds of folks, and more are coming. Slowly and surely the album is coming together......

In addition to that SCREAM CLUB and ELECTROSEXUAL just played a concert at the last MUSHI SUSHI party in Leipzig. They treated us totally awesome and we had a big blast. 

This is vegitarian doner place. Never experienced one before. They had veggie currywurst, veggie gyros, all kinds of things.

Despite being hungover, they still managed to organize a wonderfully delicious breakfast for us.

Before that I hung out with Anto and O before they headed off for the UK before returning to Austrailia. We got in some kareoke time at Monstor Ronsons, highlights were Korn and the Venga Boys.

That is Chris on the left, one of the funniest guys in berlin.

Another amazing thing we did was go to this placed called Wilde Renuate.

Its a bar that has something like a labyrinth in the back, well its a cross between a labyrinth and a fun house and an art installation.

I have never been to Burning Man, but I sort of get the feeling, this has a similar vibe.

It was 10 euros.

I am pretty broke, but it was worth every single penny. It was a real experience. These pictures really really really do not do it justice.  You just have to take my word that it is amazing.

I recomend it for a date experience. Or if you just want to do something unique and off the wall.
There was alot more stuff that I did, like going to Festsaal and seeing Stereo Total DJ. They played our song "PARTY TIME" that was cool.  I unfortunatly couldn't get one succesful picture.
Oh well.

When I am not doing other stuff, I have been entertaining myself with the tv show BORED TO DEATH and videos of Antoine Dodson. A real inspiration. See for yourself.....

This song, and the story makes me so happy, something so horrible leading to something so good. Kudos to you and your siter Antoine FOR REALS you are BREAKIN IT UP!!! OBVIOUSLY!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Peek A Boo, I see you... and exhibition by Cindy Wonderful, Sarah Adorable, and Electrosexual

Hey Folks,
So if you know me super well, you know you can see all these next photos on my other blog, exclusivly about THE FAB LAB, but I know not all of you are also active on The Fab Lab blog so I will give you the condesnesed version here and for more info and pictures you can go there.

So check it out, this was my first exhibition ever. Pretty exciting, and it still is, cuz its a work in progress so to speak.....

So far we have had one girl come over and draw a picture while we were recording. We also freestyled for a while on top of a brand new beat. We are working on what I hope will be a new fun comedic jam. 
Wish us luck. I will keep you posted here. 

Check out some pictures from the exhibiton on friday. 

An Exhibition by Cindy Wonderful, Sarah Adorable and Electrosexual

This Exhibiton is part one of a 3 step installation.

Part 1 - The exhibiton represents the enviornment , we have tried and no doubt failed to capture all of you who have contributed to our Berlin Experience. You will see yourselves and your friends on our wall.

We will also have a "manifestation/fantasy wall" where we will portray our greatest dreams for our upcoming Scream Club / Electrosexual album.

Part 2 - The Installation. Throughout the month of FEB. SCREAM CLUB and Electrosexual will lock themselves in The Fab Lab to finish our album  "SCREAMING and CRYING". During the month people are invited to observe as well as join the process, including but not limited to recording, taking photos, drawing pictures, making videos, etc....

This is a still from the new "party time" video directed by Electrosexual , it debuted at the exhibition as well with my new $70. projector I got with my extra christmas money (THANKS FAMILY)

This is more what it looks like now that we are set up for recording, with all the lights on and everything. 
Nice huh? Well wish me luck. I really tried to create an enviroment that would stimulate the creative process for rapping up our album "SCREAMING and CRYING" I think its working..... I hope....

Sunday, February 6, 2011

BERLIN TUBS episode 1

Some of you may know that I don't have a bath tub living at the good old fab lab.  I found a solution.