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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas to New Years, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Berlin

This is been a very busy time for me.

I had a whole long Blog written and poof, it vanished, unable to be saved, an "error"

So I this entry, I will mostly let the pictures do the talking.

This is from the Baton Rouge portion of my holidays. Here you see my grandma "Mimi" with a Pecan Pie. I had sooooo many deserts while I was there, I must've gained 10 pounds between the  Pecan Pies, Pumpkin Pies, Carrot Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Cookies, Pralines, Fudge, Chocolates, the works.

I think I had more sugar then protien the whole time I was gone...

Here you see both my grandmothers in one house.
The sweetest treat of all.

Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas Tree
How Lovely Are Your Branches

Its good to know that even without the mountain of christmas gifts under the tree, my nieces can still entertain themselves with a small piece of fabric.

 Or is that a paper towel?

This was crazy. This is a picture of my nieces and nephew tracking Santa Claus  on the internet. Wow technology. Kids are hi-tek these days.

Me and my oldest niece. Now she is in college in Portland. I am wearing a hoodie she gave me for christams, designed by a local portland artist, way to be progressive.

Wait till I put up a picture of what my sister gave me.  Its a mat made out of 3,000 used grocery bags. Its crotched, or knitted, or knotted by some ladies in Roseburg, and all the money goes to charity for the homeless.

Christmas Cuties.

And you see your Gypsy.....

While I was in Baton Rouge I also redid the SCREAM CLUB website , you can check it out here.
And since I had such a nice time making the video with my nieces and nephew I decided to make another short little video with my mom, dad, and mimi.

After hanging out with my family in Baton Rouge, we spent our last night in town in New Orleans.
First we hit the French Market, and then we had to hit one of our favorite stomping grounds Cafe Du Monde. They have delicious beignets (pronounced ben-yay). Basically it like a cross between  an elephant ear and a soppapia, it has tons of powdered sugar on it, and I always leave with lots of white powder everywhere. They are cheap, like 3 for 2 bucks, they are mighty tasty, world class pastries, though the coffee kinda tastes like gas station coffee.

Critics agree.

This is the first thing I saw when I rolled into town. Beautiful buildings and a dude on a Tall Bike. I LOVE THIS CITY.

I got my palm read while I was there.
Apparently I am going to get married, have 2 children.
I have a guardian angel looking over me, and I will be successful at whatever I do. I don't however like change.
I told her I like change. I just don't do it that much.
Although its 2011 now, and I am ready for change.

I was inspired by my Aunt Tanyas recent successful health transformation, eating an apple over a beignet and walking every night.

Street art gallery keeping the city vibrant.

I do love the Buskers in New Orleans.

Big Jazz Band on the streets providing the perfect French Quarter soundtrack.

I don't know what this place was but I saw all these bras on the ceiling and it kinda looked fun to me.

More colorful charechtors.

This is my mom standing infront of Chris Owens night club. Chris Owens is a burlesque performer who is in her 70's and still performing. She looks like a drag queen. I mean this as a high compliment. Very glamourous.

This is me infront a world famous club with "live sex acts". I have never been inside, and I can't imagine it could live up to the pictures on the window meant to lure you in, though one day I think I would like to find out.

Living in Berlin  Live Sex Acts don't seem as shocking as they used to. Now it seems almost common place. STILL,  could be interesting to do a cultural comparasin .

After walking around the French Quarter, we retired to Harrah's hotel. It was really nice. I have to say that was THE BEST BUFFET EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. My mom had a two for one coupon, which was cool cuz I think its like 20 bucks a person, but DAMM was it worth it.  So many healthy options, which was especially good after my sugar diet, so many fresh, heatlhy, vegitarian, and southern options. I wish I had brought my camera, it was amazing.

So the next morning it was New Years Eve and time to go  back to Berlin, ( well actually it was from New Orleans, to Atlanta, to New York, and then to Berlin, but whos counting) anyways it ended up being the best New Years Eves of my life. You have to understand my New Years are usually utterly disasterous, or mediocre at best. NOT THIS YEAR. If New Years eve is any indication, this year is gonna be awesome.

It started with a small party at THE FAB LAB / Glyph Designs, with music from DJs Henri and Steeg.

There are lots more pictures from the night on
on The Fab Lab Facebook and a more detailed description on THE FAB LAB blog. 

There were nice people, funs, friends, magic, good times, nice vibes, everyone seemed to be in a festive mood. Often I am stressed outparties, I don't know why, but this night was just really nice.

The fireworks were spectacular, and it was fun to have a party so late at The Fab Lab and not to have the neighbors care.

Shortly after midnight, I made a mad dash litterally I ran, its a new thing I am doing, a health kick, ok well, I didnt run all the way, I didnt even run most of the way, but I ran some of the way from my house to Barbie Deinhoff's to catch Sarah Adorable djing.

The good times didn't stop there.
Next I went to Monstor Ronsons to see Nicky Click perform Live.

As always it was chowlicious.

Her is LadyJane and Nicky Click loving it up before showtime.

Nicky debuting a new holiday headpiece.

DJ Shredder on the ones and twos.

Move it around and around.

Here is a short video I made of Nicky Click performing live at Ronsons.

Ok there was a little slice of life for you. See you soon.

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