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I rap in SCREAM CLUB, My art gallery is THE FAB LAB,, I write for BEND OVER MAGAZINE as well as HUGS AND KISSES , I DJ all over, I organize different partys (SOAP, CLUB OK, CLUB AWESOME, CLUB ROMANCE, SUNDAY ARTICUE). When I am not doing that stuff I like to go out, see what my talented and creative friends are up to.

So this blog is everything related to Me. Dj gigs, Scream Club shows. Crunks Not Dead stuff. Action at THE FAB LAB. Parties I go to, and whatever other interesting things inspire me. A slice of my life. A basic over view. I hope you will find it informative and entertaining.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


A brief list of what I have been doing since the last post

1. recorded a song with CBA . A german rapper and  newish friend, unfortunatly (for me) he is in Helsinki now for the next 3 months.... cool we did a song, he was EXTREMELY patient with my endless rewrites and it was fun hanging, writing... I actually don't have SO many friends into hip hop.

2. Talked to Melissa from 307 Knox records and she is interested in putting out a Scream Club / Nicky Click 7". Whooo hoooo. Now we gotta send her more songs.... We skyped, and I even got to see Kimya Dawson for a brief moment via skype cuz they were hanging out. Exciting.

3. Got the final art for the upcoming KUMBIA QUEERS / SCREAM CLUB and ELECTROSEXUAL  split 7". It looks AWESOME and I am stoked!!!

4. Had the funniest screening of Show Girls in The Fab Lab. Please check here to read all about it.

5. Had the Leiseylento show at The Fab Lab. (see the fab lab blog post  here)

6. Had the Metzgerei Photo Exhibition closing party at The Fab Lab. (see the fab lab post here)

7. I went to see an amazing photo exhibition of  Iwajla Klinke. at a delightful gallery called  Styx.
It was my first time there. I was way into it.

8. I made a new SCREAM CLUB website, and a new HANK BOBBIT site. (this one still in the works)

9. On Saturday after I had the Metzgerei closing party I went to see Sarah Adorable DJ at Barbie Deinhoff's, then I went to the Missy Magazine party and saw one of the most  assaulting bands I have seen in a long time. If Volume is one of your key ingredients, I don't know, I think there are so many more interesting things you can do then just be loud, then  I went to ZMF to see Mz Sunday Luv and Electrosexual show.It was great, as usual. That Sunday can sure sing.
Fun Fun times at the Wharehouse Party.

10. hmmm searching for new venues to have new parties at. 2 new parties coming soon from me, and me and friends... i am activly on the HUNT!!!!! more about that later......

11. I did a photo shoot with Sara Svärtan Persson. 

12. I made some business cards for me and The Fab Lab.

Now I am off to see Sarah Adorable DJ at Himmelriech.

Here are some photos of what I was doing.

 from the Metzgerei Photo Exhibition Closing Party. Thats a new haircut Sarah Adorable gave me.
 From Photoshoot with Sara P.
 Leiseylento Konzert

Sneak Peak of our upcoming 7" cover
from ComfortZone Records.

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