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Monday, January 24, 2011

Roll Out Cowboy, Search and Destroy

Highlights of this week included seeing Roll Out Cowboy with best friend Sarah Adorable. This documentary follows Sandman (The Rapping Cowboy) . We knew him from when we lived in  Olympia, we even did some songs and performances together (you can actually see a young Scream Club in the trailer 1:26 ). It also features our old friends and collaborators Jonah Carpenter and Shawn "Nervous" Parke.  Jonah was actually our old roomate, and Shawn was the producer of "And You Belong" and actually was a super huge help to Scream Club in the early days. We even did a sci-fi rap concept album together called "Microscope Dragons".   Naturally we were curious to see what this movie was all about.


Turns out it was really cool. I was even moved to tears at one point (touched at the scene where his gay aunt admits to coming out to him first when he was around 2). Anyways I feel like some how I understood him more after this film. I am glad Sandman and Jonah and Shawn are  in the world somewhere doing their thing and sharing it with such an unlikely audience.  I highly recommend this film.  I even have fantasies about showing it at The Fab Lab, not sure if that would be ok or not yet, but I will try. I do have a new projector now.  Wish me luck.

What else..... Oh yeah, Scream Club hosted and Djed at Search and Destroy.
(hosting at search and destroy translates to standing at the entrance giving out free shots, fun times)

Photos by Sara Svärtan Persson

Me and Sarah had lots of fun.
My dance floor highlights included the new Beastie Boys remix
"Intergalactic Spell"
Its such a feel good song.
I believe DJ Shredder blessed me with this Little Gem.
Thank You!

And Now I will share it with you.

Intergalactic Spell
by whitepandamusic

On Saturday I went to check out the Warehouse party. That was also nice. Electrosexual was Djing, Namoush was DJing, Jasmine Gates played live. There was live porno esque  performance  involving horse heads and bondage mixed with a romance between a tranny and a fag, as well as related film projected on the ceiling of the hallway joining the chill out art exhibition area and the main dance floor. There was really interesting stuff to look at everywhere.

Its a good feeling to know even if you are broke in berlin, you still have the option of never being bored.

Thank god for all the artist living here who keep my life interesting.

Till next time.......

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