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Monday, February 7, 2011

Peek A Boo, I see you... and exhibition by Cindy Wonderful, Sarah Adorable, and Electrosexual

Hey Folks,
So if you know me super well, you know you can see all these next photos on my other blog, exclusivly about THE FAB LAB, but I know not all of you are also active on The Fab Lab blog so I will give you the condesnesed version here and for more info and pictures you can go there.

So check it out, this was my first exhibition ever. Pretty exciting, and it still is, cuz its a work in progress so to speak.....

So far we have had one girl come over and draw a picture while we were recording. We also freestyled for a while on top of a brand new beat. We are working on what I hope will be a new fun comedic jam. 
Wish us luck. I will keep you posted here. 

Check out some pictures from the exhibiton on friday. 

An Exhibition by Cindy Wonderful, Sarah Adorable and Electrosexual

This Exhibiton is part one of a 3 step installation.

Part 1 - The exhibiton represents the enviornment , we have tried and no doubt failed to capture all of you who have contributed to our Berlin Experience. You will see yourselves and your friends on our wall.

We will also have a "manifestation/fantasy wall" where we will portray our greatest dreams for our upcoming Scream Club / Electrosexual album.

Part 2 - The Installation. Throughout the month of FEB. SCREAM CLUB and Electrosexual will lock themselves in The Fab Lab to finish our album  "SCREAMING and CRYING". During the month people are invited to observe as well as join the process, including but not limited to recording, taking photos, drawing pictures, making videos, etc....

This is a still from the new "party time" video directed by Electrosexual , it debuted at the exhibition as well with my new $70. projector I got with my extra christmas money (THANKS FAMILY)

This is more what it looks like now that we are set up for recording, with all the lights on and everything. 
Nice huh? Well wish me luck. I really tried to create an enviroment that would stimulate the creative process for rapping up our album "SCREAMING and CRYING" I think its working..... I hope....

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