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I rap in SCREAM CLUB, My art gallery is THE FAB LAB,, I write for BEND OVER MAGAZINE as well as HUGS AND KISSES , I DJ all over, I organize different partys (SOAP, CLUB OK, CLUB AWESOME, CLUB ROMANCE, SUNDAY ARTICUE). When I am not doing that stuff I like to go out, see what my talented and creative friends are up to.

So this blog is everything related to Me. Dj gigs, Scream Club shows. Crunks Not Dead stuff. Action at THE FAB LAB. Parties I go to, and whatever other interesting things inspire me. A slice of my life. A basic over view. I hope you will find it informative and entertaining.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Catching Up!!!

Where does the time go?

Well, this is the next concert I am bringing you, the incredible YO! MAJESTY from tampa florida. Two Soul Shaking, Booty Bouncing, Lady Loving, Christian Rap Duo. On board is DJ Team MINE&HERS (Saskia from Peaches band and Marc-Alan Gray) Plus Rock'n Rosa from Hamburg's legendary Havenklang.

I was also doing my regular monthly gig at my favorite Berlin bar, BARBIE DEINHOFF'S. Good Times.

This was my first time DJing at Her.Story. It was nice, actually my favorite time at Sudblock. Badkat played live, and it was more or less a lezzie hip hop night for intellectuals.

At my gallery THE FAB LAB I was also proud to host the Goodyn Green exhibition of THE CATALOG.
(more photos from the exhibition at The Fab Lab Blog)

Other festivities at THE FAB LAB inclue a TRASH TATTO SESSION from Macho Verlag.

We did however use clean needles and gloves.

I even got a new tatto to add to my collection.
More photos from the event here.

And this photo is from an Acoustic show of The Honey Comb Crooks, and Chris Glen that I put on at THE FAB LAB. 

When I am not performing with SCREAM CLUB or Djing, or Running my little gallery THE FAB LAB, occasionally I also work the door at different events. This was one.

MC GaffE performed, and she was incredible.

Next up at The Fab Lab is a 3 day screening of THE BAREBACK ISSUE on Aids Awareness Day we will begain screening at 8pm. The next 2 days we will continue to Screen.
That means Dec 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, doors at 7 (come early and drink), movie at 8, and discussion and more drinking till 10pm.

Come and discover why so many people risk the dangers of HIV for a seemingly short thrill, and what it means to them.

Please attend the event here on facebook.
Here is the trailer.

The Bareback Issue - Trailer from Discodamaged on Vimeo.

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